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 One of the Oldest Operational Lighthouses in the World.

 Hook Head, wild and elemental, tranquil and serene, in its serenity
 hides the treachery which bewaits unsuspecting mariners.
 Little wonder that William Marshall earl of Pembrokeshire undertook
 the building of the lighthouse in the early 13th century as a
 navigational aid to guide his ships into Waterford Harbour

 “By Hooke or by Crooke” you will be enthralled.

 Hook Lighthouse is a unique example of an almost intact medieval
 lighthouse. It dates from the early 13th century and was a major
 feat at the time of its construction.

 Purpose built as a lighthouse, it has serves sailors and shipping for
 800 years, apart from a short closure during the 17th century.
 It is thought to be one of the oldest operational lighthouses in the world.
When the Tower of Hook became fully automated in 1996 and no longer needed resident keepers, it was decided to celebrate its uniqueness by opening it to the public.

The view from the top of Hook embraces the Saltee Islands to the east, and Brownstown Head to the west. In the distance the peaks of the Comeragh and Blackstairs Mountains can be seen.

The 'race' to the south where the river meets the sea is notoriously dangerous. Many ships have been wrecked in these waters.
The Royal Arthur went down circa 1895 opposite the entrance gate of the Lighthouse and the steam collier Saint Margaret sank just south of the point in 1919.

The first Norman landings in Ireland took place in 1169 and 1170 at Bannow and Baginbun to the northeast.
 The promontory of Duncannon dominates Waterford Harbour. Duncannon has been a site of a fort since Celtic times. The present structure
 was erected about 1588 in preparation for the expected arrival of the Spanish Armada.

 In clear weather one can see for miles. When the wind rises sea spray often reaches the top of the lighthouse - either way, the sight is


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