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Saint Peter's College one of the foremost Diocesan centres of secondary education in the country has its roots deeply embedded in the rich history and traditions of Wexford.
Founded in 1811 by Most Rev. Patrick Ryan, Bishop of Ferns, the College has progressed from a humble Roman Catholic Seminary in Michael Street, Wexford to the present magnificent buildings.  In 1818, the large house at Summerhill was purchased and

Bishop Ryan blessed the foundation stone of an extension to be constructed to the rear of the house.  In 1819, Bishop James Keating opened the new college and the President, staff and student body of Michael Street took up residence.

A substantial building programme between 1829 and 1932 saw the construction of an
impressive facade with its high tower - a distinctive feature of the college. 
Fr. John Sinnott was responsible for the

construction of the College Chapel, designed by Augustus Welby Pugin and completed
and blessed in 1840.
During 1878/9, a structure comprising a large study hall with bedrooms overhead was constructed.  St. Aidan's and the new hall were used for the first time when the new Intermediate Examinations began on 14th June 1879. From then on the student population increased. In 1891 there were 42 resident students and 84 day pupils.
In the 1930's a growing increase in the number of ecclesiastical students made extra accommodation necessary and the New Wing was completed in 1938. This structure also comprised a concert hall. 
During the academic year 1969/70, the Sesquicentenary of St. Peter's College was celebrated and St. Ibar's Wing was officially opened.
The 1970's saw further development and through the sterling efforts of the Past Pupils' Union the Sports Complex was completed in 1982 and officially opened on 3rd October that year.
Power Park, the all-weather pitch commemorates the name of Ned Power - former Vice-Principal - who did so much to promote drama and games, not only in the College, but also in County Wexford.
Decisions were taken to close the boarding school 1997 and the Seminary in 1998. 
The Patron allocated a portion of the available rooms to the Secondary School. Substantial refurbishment of these buildings and the construction of a new extension was made possible through funding from the Department of Education & Science.

Refurbishment of the sports complex was funded by the Department of Tourism, Sport & Recreation.

The legend on the College Coat of Arms,
may be translated as
Strive to be of Service,
Learn to be Useful

The new extension, refurbishments of St. Ibar's and the Sports Complex were officially opened on 26th November 2001. In excess of €4m was invested in these recent projects. Ambitious new plans are on the drawings board to further enhance the College in the future.  Presently, the school has a student population of 640.
St. Peter's College has played an essential part in the history of the Diocese of Ferns, and in the County of Wexford, and can look forward to a future full of vitality and achievement.



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